Projekt Beschreibung

8,611m & 8,051m

The two 8,000m high peaks Broad Peak and K2 are close to each other, so a double expedition makes sense. The advantage is that you have just one journey and one logistic for 2 wonderful 8,000m peaks.


53 Days

€ 48.900,-

What’s included?

About the mountain

With the HIMEX double expedition, we offer the opportunity to use the logistics of two single expeditions in the same period and to reach two peaks to ambitious mountaineers. The offer is aimed at experienced high-altitude mountaineers and requires a high level of physical leadership and independent alpine skills. The process of our double expeditions is the same as the one of the individual expeditions, especially the approach and the return journey are completely the same. The tactics and the procedure on the mountains are individually adapted to the weather conditions. Logistically it is planned that the lower peak is made as acclimatization and the higher one is the main goal. You can find the corresponding processes under Broad Peak and K2.